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Success Academy’s “Got to Go” list weeds out certain students

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The New York Times reports that at Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Charter School is weeding out “weak or difficult students, and intentionally not sending annual re-enrollment forms to certain students. After interviewing 10 currents and former employees, the Times discovered that one of the schools’ principals has a “Got to Go” list, which singles out the children […]

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Sticker shock: Boston charters demand $90,000 to produce records

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How much does it cost to discourage the public from accessing records that are, you know, public? Edushyster reports that seven charter schools in Boston requested a total of over $90,000 in fees in response to a request for public records related to their lobbying activities. One school alone demanded an outrageous $36,015. Charter schools insist […]

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Ohio Supreme Court Reluctantly Rules in White Hat’s Favor

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled this week that all assets purchased by ten Ohio charter schools belongs to their former operator, White Hat Management. The schools all terminated their contracts with White Hat, which then demanded payment for facilities and equipment if the school wanted to keep the property. According to the contracts each school […]

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