California's top education official has ordered a sweeping audit of California Virtual Academies (CAVA), a profitable but low-performing network of online charter schools operated by the publicly traded K12 Inc. #CashinginonKids">'>#CashinginonKids

"On the face of it, Ana Rivera could have had almost any choice when it came to educating her two sons. For all the abandoned buildings and burned-down houses in her neighborhood in the southwest part of this city, national charter school companies had seen a market and were setting up shop within blocks of each other, making it easier to find a charter school than to buy a carton of milk." #CashinginonKids">'>#CashinginonKids

John Paulson, the 108th richest person in the world, is betting big on two things. For Donald Trump, and against neighborhood schools. #CashinginonKids">'>#CashinginonKids