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You won’t believe how Imagine Charter Schools are cashing in on kids

In 2010, Policy Matters Ohio published a report on the practices of Imagine Inc., a for profit charter school network with schools in Ohio that was acting as a profit mill for the charter school corporate network by using insider deals, including on real estate its subsidiary owned to drain as much public money out […]

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Wall St thinks oversight is bad for K12 Inc.

Politico’s Morning Education has a revealing story about why K12 Inc. stock prices have cratered in recent months, dropping from almost $37 a share last September to $13.82 a share last Friday. Politico has a slew of reasons for K12 Inc.’s problems, but we wanted to add a few more important ones to their list. As we’ve been documenting there’s […]

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Parents who want to attend school fair asked to provide names, emails Charter school founder heads to prison, temporarily Parents Fight New Success Academy Charters in Williamsburg and Park Slope What Happens When Your Teacher Is a Video Game? Ohio auditor’s challenger says he would assess charter school funding

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