A Rotting Magnolia

| Tags: Finance and Facilities, Key Issues, Transparency

The Los Angeles Unified school district finally seemed to be holding charter school managers accountable. This June, the district notified Magnolia Educational and Research Foundation, a prominent California charter chain, that it could not renew the city’s contract with two of its Los Angeles locations because of the school’s financial improprieties. Even José Cole-Gutiérrez, director […]

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Bill Phillis: Concept Schools’ Problems in Ohio Point to Need for Better Oversight

Below is a thoughtful piece by William Phillis of the Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding about the FBI raids and other problems facing Concept Schools, an Ohio charter school chain. Phillis makes a strong case that the state needs to make wide-ranging changes in order to provide adequate oversight of charter […]

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Rhee Rates Michigan and its Corrupt Charter School Sector Best in the Nation

Last month, the Detroit Free Press published an in-depth, year long investigation, “How Michigan Spends $1 Billion But Fails to Hold Schools Accountable,” on the effect of Michigan’s charter expansion. What reporters found was not the innovation and accountability so often cited to justify the charter movement, but rather wide-scale corruption, fraud, and poor performance. […]

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