The NAACP just called for more oversight of charter schools, which are publicly funded and privately operated, and a moratorium on new ones. Some people are criticizing them for this bold move. Let’s thank the NAACP for standing up to the billionaires, venture capitalists, and hedge fund investors who want more charter schools so they can keep #cashinginonkids.">'>#cashinginonkids.

The story behind Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, who helped launch the powerful EdVoice pro-charter lobbying group and so far this election season has donated more than $3.7 million to the California Charter Schools Association's political action committee.

A college senior has some sage advice. "I almost fell for Teach For America. Its brochure told me I could 'make a difference' after college by postponing my imaginary yet promising career for two short years in order to teach in a low-income area. As a senior in high school, I did not yet know that 'making a difference' meant shortchanging students in need of real teachers, deprofessionalizing the teaching profession, and leading the charge to privatize schools."