Texas school board rejects Athlos charter school AGAIN

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The Texas school board of education rejects the Athlos Academy charter application for the second year in a row. The application submitted by Idaho-based Athlos Academies to open two new charter schools in the Dallas area was vetoed by a vote of 12-2 at the Texas State Board of Education meeting on July 17th. Education […]

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Accountability for thee but not for me

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The Toledo Blade is practically begging the state legislature to hold charter schools accountable: Don’t delay charter reform. And no wonder. The excerpts below from an Akron Beacon Journal article, “Ohio online charter schools not accountable for students who do poorly in first year,”show the absurdity of the state’s charter school laws. Some dropout schools […]

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Imagine Charter School Logo

Imagine Schools to Ohio: “See You in Court!”

When the Ohio Department of Education moved to close two imagine charters for “overall poor performance,” Imagine Schools responded like someone trying to get out of a speeding ticket: it’s suing the state for failing to close schools that perform even worse. As reported in the Akron Beacon Journal: The lawsuit alleges that the state […]

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