Embattled For-Profit College Turns to Charter Sector

| Tags: Accountability, Oversight, Quality

NPR reported this weekend that ITT, the for-profit college sued earlier this year by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is moving into the charter school sector. CFPB’s suit alleges that “[s]imply to enhance its financial statements and appearance to investors, ITT sacrificed its students’ futures by saddling them with debt on which it knew […]

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Report: Ohio charter schools perform worse than public schools

Charter school operators in Ohio may need to cut their holidays short and get back to work early. A new report released by Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) investigates five years of charter school performance in Ohio and finds that the average charter school is performing worse than the average public […]

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Nonprofit in Name Only

| Tags: Accountability, Key Issues, Oversight, Transparency, White Hat Management

In ProPublica‘s article When Charter Schools Are Nonprofit in Name Only, Marian Wang questions the use of the term “non-profit” to describe charter school operators in an increasingly for-profit industry. In reviewing auditor’s reports for a charter school managed by for-profit operator National Heritage Academies, Wang reports that the school was giving “virtually all of […]

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